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Genius® Radiofrequency Microneedling

✔️ Treats moderate to severe laxity, wrinkling, & under eye bags!

👁 It’s quick! We need numb you for 20 minutes and the actual treatment takes 10 minutes!

💰 $650 for a standalone under eye treatment or $1800 for the series of 3 treatments!

📍 Back Bay office only!

If you want to know all the medical details, continue reading!

Genius® Radiofrequency Microneedling is our go to treatment for moderate to severe laxity & wrinkling.

During microneedling, needles enter the dermis of the skin creating a controlled injury. This injury stimulates the body’s wound healing response which leads to increased collagen production. Collagen is a protein fiber in our skin that contributes to thickness and skin integrity. As this breaks down, dark circles, hollowing, fine lines, and crepiness begin to appear under the eyes and drooping of the upper eyelids occurs. Increasing collagen production helps address all of these concerns.

The radiofrequency aspect of the treatment heats up the skin with each pulse. This heat is beneficial, because it increases collagen production further as well as increases elastin production. Elastin is a protein fiber in our skin that provides stretch, recoil, and elasticity. As this breaks down, sagging and further wrinkling appears. Additionally, as we age our fat pads begin to separate and herniate, contributing to puffiness and under eye “bags.” Genius® is able to deliver heat directly into excess fatty tissue to break it down and smooth out any bulging. However, under eye bags are hard to treat and oftentimes may require a surgical consult. We highly recommend Blepharoplasty Specialist Dr. Mitesh Kapadia. Check him out! @bostoneyelids