Wrinkle relaxers

$14 /unit
$14 /unit
$14 /unit
Masseater / Platysmal Bands
$11 /unit

Dermal fillers

Belotero 1ml
Volbella XC 1ml
Vollure XC 1ml
Voluma XC 1ml​
Juvederm Ultra XC 1ml
Juvederm Ultra Plus XC 1ml
Restylane 1ml
Restylane Lyft 1ml
Restylane Silk 1ml
Restylane Refyne 1ml
Restylane Defyne 1ml
Restylane Kysse 1ml
Versa 1ml


Microneedling (Face) + Growth Factor
Microneedling (Face)
Chest and Neck Add-On


Vivace (Face) + Growth Factor
Vivace (Face)
Chest and Neck Add-On
microneeding PACKAGES
(3) Vivace + Post-Care Kit
(3) Vivace Treatments with Growth Factor + Post-Care Kit
Hair Restoration w/ PRP – Three Treatments + Viviscal & Two topical ointments
Hair Restoration w/ PRP and ACell – Three Treatments + Viviscal & Two topical ointments​


Upper Face: Brow, Crow's Feet, Under Eye
Submental: Under Chin Only
Lower Face: Cheek & Under Chin
Full Face: Cheeks, Chin, Neck
Full Face and Chest
Ultherapy Note: Consultation Necessary, Prices can vary 
Kybella Treatment (2 Vials)
Additional Vials, per Treatment
Kybella Note: Consultation Necessary, Prices can vary 


BBL Forever Clear
BBL Forever Young
BBL Neck and Chest
BBL Hands


Halo Treatment + Post-Care Kit
Halo + Hands, Neck and Chest Add-On + Product
Halo: Hands Add-On


Nano Peel
Nano Peel Series of 3


diVa treatment, series of 3

custom laser treatments

Advanced Customized Laser Treatment: Face Only
Advanced Customized Laser Treatment: Face & Chest
SkinTyte: Introductory Add-on Rate


BBL Forever Young: 4 Treatments
BBL Forever Clear: 6 Treatments
Halo Treatment + BBL + Post-Care Kit
(4) BBL Forever Young: Face, Chest and Hands
BBL Package of (4) + SkinTyte
PRP Injections Treatment Package (3)

Additional Vials (after 2)

Vitamin B12
5 Vitamin B12 Injections
Hair Restoration with Growth Factor
Hair Restoration with Growth Factor + ACell
PRP Injections

BRIDAL Package

AquaGold + Dermaplaning + Hydrafacial

Event Prep Package

AquaGold + Dermaplaning + Hydrafacial

Brow wow

Botox + Brow Lift with Ultherapy



  • Vi Peel: Signature $300
  • Vi Peel Purify $300
  • Vi Peel Advanced $375
  • Vi Peel: Precision Plus $375
  • Vi Peel: Purify w/Precision Plus $375
  • Vi Peel: Package of 3 $900


  • Skin Consultation Complimentary
  • VEGA 30 $160
  • VEGA 60 $225
  • VEGA 90 $300
  • Zen 90 $315


HydraFacial MD®: 30min
HydraFacial MD®: 50min
HydraFacial MD® w/ Dermaplaning: 30min
HydraFacial MD® w/ Dermaplaning: 50min
HydraFacial MD® Anti-Aging: 50min
HydraFacial MD® Anti-Redness: 50min
HydraFacial MD® Ultra-Clarifying: 60min
HydraFacial MD® Neck & Décolleté Only
HydraFacial Eye PERK™
HydraFacial Lip PERK™
HydraFacial MD® 50mins + Neck & Décolleté
HydraFacial MD® 50mins + Neck or Hands
Dermabuilder Enhancement​
Britenol Intensive Spot Corrector
Connective Tissue Growth Factor (CTGF)
Glysal Peel: 30% Glyocolic
(5) 30min HydraFacial MD® Treatments
(5) 50min HydraFacial MD® w/ Dermaplaning
(5) 50min HydraFacial MD® Treatments
(5) 30min HydraFacial MD® w/ Dermaplaning


Vital Hydration

1L Normal Saline cocktailed with mineral and vitamin additives that will have a direct impact on your bodies energy level, optimal cell health, and and serve as the pillars of the bodies well being.

PRICE: $200
Vital hydration + Glutathione

Glutathione is an antioxidant that helps lighten melanin in the body for an aesthetic benefit. It has also been proven to assist your body in priming infection fighting cells (T Cells) during immune compromising times while also combating free radicals in the body.

PRICE: $250

Meredith Gizmunt

Master Aesthetician

Meredith has 14 years of experience in the medical aesthetic field. She has worked with both plastic surgeons and dermatologists which has allowed her formulate a holistic and therapeutic approach. Meredith’s goal is to educate the patient about their best skin practices, for their individual needs. Each treatment is customized, and is focused on treating specific skin concerns. 

She understands that her patient’s skin types are different, and tailors each session to treating individual needs. Meredith appreciates that her patients are making an investment in their skincare by visiting her. She ensures her facials deliver effective results and works to build lasting relationships. Her signature “Party Peel” gave her a cult following, reviewed and recommended by Goop.

Marwa Osman

Brand and marketing director

Marwa Osman is a branding specialist with over 8 years of experience in the lifestyle industry. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design with a minor in Marketing from University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. After graduating, Marwa quickly realized she not only loved shaping the messaging of a brand, but she enjoyed being invested in the journey of the small business. She is passionate about being involved in Vega Vitality’s growth. Marwa is an integral part of our team, and she is responsible for creating our newsletters, designing the website and managing our Instagram presence, etc. She loves the camaraderie of working alongside Vega Vitality’s team of intelligent and supportive women, and she enjoys getting to know Vega Vitality’s wonderful patients.


VICE PRESIDENT of Operations

At Vega Vitality, we believe that wellness and beauty go hand in hand. For example, we not only offer a skin peel that can improve acne, but we also have a functional nutritionist available to assist with dietary changes that may address the root cause of the problem. The more we can improve our lifestyle through mindful eating, movement, and mediation, the better our skin and body will be.

For a decade, prior to starting at Vega Vitality, Abby was employed in grueling and intense roles in corporate America. After suffering from crippling ocular migraines, she decided that her health was too important to continue down that path. She left her job and took a year off to focus on her health and well-being. While on this journey she found Vega Vitality. She accepted an offer to join the team in 2017.

At Vega Vitality, Abby is responsible for day-to-day business operations, regulatory and legal compliance, and the financial and human relations aspects of the practice. She oversees short and long-term strategies, executes systems implementation, and consistently works to improve organizational behavior and operational efficiencies within the practice. Abby has supported CEO’s for over a decade, and she now works closely with Vega Vitality’s Founder, Ashley Hilmes, to ensure the practice runs seamlessly. She is grateful to be a part of team comprised of such intelligent and kind women.

Abby graduated summa cum laude from Boston College with a MS in Leadership & Administration and cum laude from Regis College with a BA in Communication. She holds a certificate in The Science of Well-Being from Yale University. Before joining the Vega team, Abby worked at Morgan Stanley, Fidelity Investments, athena health, Trinity, and Reebok International. Abby loves to travel, learn, read, volunteer, and spend time with her friends, family, and dog, Doodles.