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Available at both Back Bay and Seaport locations.

KYBELLA®(deoxycholic acid) injections are used to break up and dissolve adipose tissue (fat cells) in the body. KYBELLA® is most commonly injected in the submental region (also known as “double chin”) and jowl area. KYBELLA® can also be injected into different areas of the body where adipose tissue is present. KYBELLA® injection is usually permanent – dependent on lifestyle choices. The injections are safe and effective for moderate to severe amounts of fat in adults over the age of 18 years old. Expect moderate to severe swelling 1-7 days post-injection. Best results develop 8-12 weeks post-injection. 

Please note: KYBELLA® requires a consultation prior to treatment. During the consultation, our practitioners will discuss your projected results, estimate the number of sessions required, and quote pricing. Please note that one treatment can require more than two vials of KYBELLA®.

KYBELLA® Benefits:

  • Permanently dissolves adipose in the injected area
  • There is a minimum amount of treatments required.
  • Nonsurgical option for adipose reduction

Best Candidates for Treatment:

  • Patients who have adipose tissue in the desired injection area 
  • Patients  who are invested in a healthy lifestyle, to be able to maintain and achieve the best results
  • Patients with any  skin types.
  • Patients 18+ years old.

Complementing Treatments:

  • A medical grade skincare regime to maximize and maintain the results of the treatment. 
  • Dermal Filler – Jawline