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EZ Gel™ PRF Injections use a concentrated version of your own platelet rich fibrin (PRF) blended down to create a natural bio- filler effect in multiple areas of the face. It slowly releases growth factors over 3 months for prolonged volume restoration. It mimics a dermal filler effect without the need of injecting anything “foreign” into the face. EZ Gel™ is a natural approach to correcting volume deficits in the face, improving skin texture and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. EZ Gel™ PRF is autologous, making it safe for people with varying health issues and autoimmune disorders. With one treatment of EZ Gel™ PRF we are typically able to address multiple areas of the face for beautiful facial balancing and optimal results. Your provider will discuss a custom treatment plan for you in order to obtain profile harmony and undetectable improvement.


  • A “natural” way of replenishing areas of volume loss without the need of injecting a dermal filler into areas of deficit
  • Safe for clients with autoimmune issues, health issues
  • Result enhancer for combination therapies 


Best Candidates for Treatment: 

  • Patients requiring volume replacement whom may not be optimal dermal filler candidates especially in the under-eye region
  • Patients whom prefer “natural” aesthetic treatments
  • Patients looking for subtle, yet impactful results

Complementing Treatments:

  • A medical grade skincare regime to maximize and maintain results
  • Microneedling
  • Moxi
  • HALO™ – Hybrid Fractional Laser (HFL)
  • Neurotoxin (BOTOX®, XEOMIN®, Dysport®)