At VEGA Vitality, we believe that wellness is achieved through a deliberate and well-executed effort to nurture one’s mind, body, and spirit. It is cultivated from self-awareness and the intrinsic desire for happiness. VEGA provides comprehensive services that assist people in their pursuit of optimum wellness.

We offer esthetic treatments to enhance your physical appearance — looking your best breeds confidence — but that is just part of our vision. We want our clients to look AND feel their best. We have partnered with wellness industry experts to offer additional services including vitality coaching, nutrition counseling, acupuncture, reiki therapy, and private yoga & pilates classes. We have designed a thorough Vitality Assessment that will help us in developing customized treatment plans for our clients. Our vision at VEGA Vitality is to empower people to improve their overall wellness and CHOOSE TO SHINE.


EXCELLENCE: Implementing best practice techniques and using the highest quality products is essential to providing superior service. Our commitment to continuing education in rapidly advancing industries ensures our clients’ optimal results and satisfaction.

PROFESSIONALISM: Years of experience in our respective careers have endowed a strong sense of respect and reliability. We are dedicated clinicians by trade and altruistic by nature. The safety, comfort and confidentiality of clients is our priority.

AUTHENTICITY: We will treat our clients with honesty and accuracy in the services we provide. Seamless communication and client education is paramount.

PHILANTHROPY: “VEGA Vitality 918” represents our strong belief in giving back to our local and global community both physically and fiscally. Charity and volunteerism are cornerstones of our company philosophy.