Aquagold is the recipe to glowy, plumped skin and reduce appearance of pore size. Aquagold is a handheld device that delivers anti-aging ingredients into the epidermis. We infuse a custom skin cocktail through 20 microscopic needles made of 24K gold. Our practitioners create a “recipe” of ingredients that are tailored to specifically to you to address your type of skin and skin concerns. Each needle is smaller than a piece of hair, making it a painless procedure. Our custom cocktail is a mix of hyaluronic acid, glutathione, Botox and vitamin complex.

Aquagold is best paired right after a facial or as the third step in our bridal package (Dermaplaning, 30min HydraFacial, Aquagold). If you’re receiving this treatment before a big event, we recommend you get this treatment 3-7 days prior.

You’ll have:
Appearance of smaller pores
Brighter tone
Extra hydration
Reduced fine lines, and less sweat to give you an extra glow. 

BONUS: keeps the last minute stress breakouts away.