Meet your practitioner: Sports Chiropractor, Dr Laura Latham

In true VEGA style, Dr Laura Latham is far from your cookie-cutter chiropractor. Her background in physiology and neurobiology allows her to focus on biomechanics and pain management for patient’s sports injuries. Although she uses standard manual therapies and adjustments as part of her treatment plan, as a certified yoga instructor, Laura also understands the importance of including movement in her plans, which makes yoga practice a major role in her treatments. Growing up practicing martial arts, competing in sports and looking up to her parents in healthcare, Laura formed an inherent connection to movement and care, typically treating her friends and taking off to study physical therapy from there. As a physical therapy major, Laura was observing a physical therapist as part of required hours when one day she was put on observation of chiropractic. Realizing the similarities to physical therapy, yet exceptional advantage of more clinical freedom, Laura was immediately sold on chiropractic and the rest is history. She attended chiropractic school in New York, where she met her husband, Tim Latham, also a chiropractor, also working at VEGA (hence all mentions of *we* below) and is ecstatic that she can bring a modern approach to chiropractic with her clients at VEGA. Ahem, ahem, it’s a pleasure to introduce the dog-lover, yogi, with a secret sweet tooth, chiropractor, Dr Laura Latham:


How did you get involved at VEGA?

We were looking in Providence, but also knowing longterm we wanted to be up in Boston. We just didn’t think we could make that big of a jump, that quickly, since we knew we’d essentially be starting from scratch. Stephanie posted in our group from college and I contacted Stephanie because they had space available. It was like love at first sight on both ends – our outlook on patient health and clinical aspects and just overall life outlooks. I was like, there’s nowhere else for us.

The post I originally responded to was just for a chiropractor and once I got in here and was talking yoga, and then Steph happened to mention something about functional medicine and I had mentioned [Tim] already and that he was a chiropractor too. Even though, I was mostly looking for space for myself at the time – we weren’t even sure if we were going to be in the same office – we were just looking for any leads we could at the time. But once I mentioned nutrition and functional medicine, Steph was like, ‘I’ve got to meet him’ and then it just kind of blossomed from there. It was pretty effortless though.

What do you appreciate most about VEGA?

It’s funny, you come in here and the space is gorgeous, right? The floors are beautiful, the exposed brick and everything but to see that the beauty goes so much deeper than just the look of the office, that there’s two amazing individuals who are behind the whole thing and care about not just the esthetics but the quality of clinicians and providers and people who are in here – it’s just a recipe for success.

You said you’ve traveled a lot this year, do you have a favorite place you’ve traveled?

We did a road trip this year. We had this period where we didn’t own a practice, we didn’t have the overhead and we were so used to that in Philly and we weren’t quite settled here, so, we just road tripped it for about a month. We have friends and family all over the East Coast. It was January, so we didn’t want to go too far North but we went to Baltimore, D.C., North Carolina, Charlotte, Savannah, Jacksonville, Tampa, pretty much everywhere you can think of when you say East Coast. And we brought the dog!

Do you have a favorite travel destination?

I just like big cities. I would have said I loved New York but now that we’re not in Philly anymore, I miss a lot of the great things about Philly, just because it’s fresh. I guess New York and Philly are my top two.

How do you practice what you preach to your patients?

I think it’s probably easier to practice what we preach than to not. It’s just so much more consistent. It’s our life. I don’t know if I could be really active at yoga then eat at Wendy’s everyday, or something like that. And I think that’s why we’re so passionate it about it, and it makes it easier for us to communicate to patients, like, we’ve been there on that day when you’re not feeling good or you don’t want to work out, or you just want a cheeseburger. It’s easier to help people when you’ve been there yourself. I was raised Catholic, so for Lent I always gave something up – I like being like, ‘I want that but, nope I can’t have it, I’ve got to be strict about this.’ In yoga they call it ‘tapas’ – practicing self restraint.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Sweets, hands down and across the board. And, I’m definitely someone who doesn’t act on it but I’ll always be like, ‘Wouldn’t XYZ be really amazing?’

How do you reground yourself after a long day?

Definitely yoga. Or, I like to do projects around the house. But I would say if I’ve done all my go-to things and I can’t shake it, I am not a runner by any means, but something about taking the dog and just jogging for half an hour is like a moving meditation for me; getting the energy out, getting the evil out.

What’s one thing you have to do everyday?

To move in any capacity. I love yoga but need an exercise, sweat it out activity. I need to get out of my head. I know I will be much better at everything and the to-do list will disappear much faster if I just take some time for that.

Describe the VEGA space and atmosphere in five words:

Alive, ecosystem (In true Laura form, I can’t just give one word without an explanation – we’re so many different moving parts, all in one, and everyone functions independently but also as one), vibrant, home, energizing.

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