Meet Your Practitioner: Co-founder, Dr. Stephanie Moore

The extremely approachable and vivacious, Dr. Stephanie Moore combined over 20 years in the medical field with a humbling mission to bring Eastern philosophy to patients at a private practice. Steph joined forces with her co-founder as a medical director and business partner, but most importantly as a friend, or as the duo both describe it, ‘As a sisterhood.’ Since Steph is still a full-time cardiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, you may not see her on every visit to VEGA but when she’s there, her undeniable energy and light radiate a presence throughout the office that cannot be missed. Steph is the mastermind behind one of VEGA’s key offerings: functional medicine. She believes that understanding your body and living your life for vitality is a key component to leading the happiest and healthiest lifestyle possible. Besides working at one of the number one hospitals in America and starting her own company, Steph is also a full-time mother, wife, yogi and humanitarian – volunteering her time to various nonprofit boards across Boston. So without further ado, it’s time to meet the other half of VEGA Vitality; Co-founder, Dr. Stephanie Moore:


What’s one of your favorite things about VEGA?

We have this fabulous space which gives us enough space for our collective practitioners to be in one address. So we’re not sending people five different places, or all over town to get what they need. As a result, I feel like VEGA’s a community. I feel like it’s a tribe. I feel like people are going to feel like they belong here. And we [Ashley and I] purposefully outfitted it with stuff you’d see in your living room so that you can come in here and hangout. We want to know people.

How would you describe the intent of VEGA?

We want to empower people to choose to shine. That’s physically, mentally, emotionally, in every way. Whatever their definition of shining is. And Ashley and I both believe if you take one step in that direction, the universe unfolds opportunities for you and that is the whole business plan of VEGA – that is the business plan. To take a step in the direction where you want to go and then the opportunities will open.

How has VEGA affected your life thus far?

VEGA  has made me think of the future of preventive medicine. I have really come to believe a person’s biography becomes their biology. I am so grateful that the practice model for VEGA’s functional medicine is to elicit that story and mix it with data to reveal a treatment plan. The sheer possibility that medicine can be personalized is the next frontier in healthcare. VEGA allows me to explore that — very cool.

Now that we’re entering a new season, what’s your favorite way to spend an autumn afternoon? (On your days off, of course).

Okay. So confession. I’m not great with down time. I have a constant to do list. But on a fall afternoon – a walk in the woods of Concord with my hubby and the dogs would be magical. Of course no cell phones or pagers (yes, I still have a pager).

What’s one thing not many people know about you?

I am a clutter bug. I can’t throw anything away!! Its awful!

What are you currently reading? Or what do you plan on reading soon?

I am reading a functional medicine book about the thyroid— zzzzzzzz for most folks. After that, I am reading whatever book is next up for my kids’ school book club.

Describe the VEGA space and atmosphere in five words:

Parasympathetic, Real, Yin, Collaborative, Authentic.

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