Do you have gorgeous, but dry, irritable eyes?

By Dr. Stephanie Moore

Dry eyes are so, so, so, common…

I never knew until I got it! It’s so annoying, I have eyedrops everywhere and can’t wear contacts. New treatment… PRP, “platelet rich plasma,” eye drops. Platelets are great reservoirs of growth factors that enhance cell growth and wound healing in both soft and hard tissues. These factors induce cells to migrate and proliferate, restoring the inflamed, damaged ocular surface.

E-PRP, eye platelet rich plasma, is created from a patient’s own blood, which is drawn and spun to remove white and red cells, leaving a clear yellowish plasma rich in platelets and growth factors. The plasma is placed into sterile eye droppers for topical administration. The plasma is not diluted, so the product becomes 100% autologous (your very own), without additives. You can’t get more organic than that. Ask your eye doctor next time you visit.

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