Reiki & Intuitive Healing

Spiritual Life Coaching is a powerful way of providing clarity and support for an individual. In times of transition, grief, or confusion, this is an instrumental way to create change. By releasing what no longer serves you, an individual is guided to develop a plan of action with support, mindfulness and healing. Sessions will guide you to move forward by becoming more present in everyday life and experience the joy that is your birthright! Time is spent discussing what an individual would like to focus on whether it is a specific emotional, physical or spiritual ailment, a life purpose question or overall healing.

Reiki is a way of healing the energetic field of the body. The word Reiki is made up of two Japanese words. The first, “Rei” means “universal spirit”. The second, “Ki” means “energy”. Reiki is the Universal Life Energy that affects us on all levels – mind, body, and spirit. Reiki promotes the body’s balance and harmony, enabling the system’s natural ability to heal. The philosophy is that when this universal life force energy is low, a person may feel illness or stress and so the goal is to raise the Universal Life force or energy to a higher vibration.

Sessions may combine both coaching and Reiki or focus on one of each type of treatment. After a discussion and setting an intention for the treatment, the practitioner may provide energy healing techniques such as Reiki by lightly placing their hands on the body or a few inches above the body. It is a deeply relaxing and calming experience and combined with coaching may provide profound and lasting change.

Stress reduction/perception, stress-related aliments
Depression, anxiety
Emotional balancing
Self-esteem / self-worth
Mental clarity
Problems sleeping
Pain reduction or elimination, releasing tension in the body
Maintaining general wellness
Making or handling changes in your life


tara Krueger



Are you struggling to find direction in your life? Perhaps you are endlessly searching for your life purpose or looking for your soulmate and life partner. Have you ever wanted to connect more with your angels and receive divine guidance? Perhaps you are already spiritual but just need validation that you are on the right path?