Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

When it comes to nutrition and food what obstacles get in your way? Appointments with Registered Dietician can be your gateway to fabulous nutritional health and a compliment to your well being. Learn how to understand confusing nutrition messages that are often linked to timing of meals, types of foods, supplements, groceries and meal preparation. Put the enjoyment of eating back into food by understanding the who, what, why, when and how around nutrition and how this relates to your skin and overall health. By taking action and understanding all of the great practices you are already implementing, nutritious choices and decisions around food can be easier, focused and help you shine.

Wellness coaches help their patients to reach their highest potential in their health and wellness. Through an affirming and supportive process, wellness coaches are their patient’s health partner. Wellness coaches develop and implement individual treatment plans that center around improvements in nutrition, fitness and mindfulness. Wellness coaches motivate their patients to make changes to their lifestyle that will in turn help them live their best lives.


Abigail Hueber

Jo Moynihan


Align’s mission is to help you live a pain-free, healthy and rewarding life. Dr. Jo Moynihan provides highly personalized care for everyone from weekend warriors to professional dancers and athletes, from mothers and children to those suffering with chronic pain or recovering from complex orthopedic surgeries. She can help you align your body and your life.


bove Health Nutrition works one-on-one with individuals to achieve their health and wellness goals. Above Health Nutrition offers both in-person and virtual telehealth counseling services which help each client achieve their health and wellness goals anywhere their lives take them!