Functional Medicine




Good health and vitality are essential to the human spirit. Functional Medicine drills down on the basics: How are you living? How do you move? What do you eat? How do you feel? The focus is on you and optimizing a treatment plan only for you. Scientific support for the Functional Medicine approach to treatment can be found in a large and rapidly expanding evidence base, concerning the therapeutic effects of nutrition (including both dietary choices and the clinical use of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients); botanicals; exercise (aerobics, strength training and flexibility); stress management; detoxification; acupuncture; manual medicine (massage, manipulation); and mind-body techniques such as meditation, guided imagery and biofeedback. Blend that magic with a traditional Western medical background of pharmaceuticals and extensive experience to get VEGA’s version of vitality. We call it the best of both worlds; optimize your health, improve your chronic illness diagnosis, lose weight, balance hormones and conquer sleepless nights. All so you can feel better, live longer and be stronger.