Vega Vitality is a team of industry experts working together to provide the best in health and beauty. We believe the secret to wellness is found in a holistic and integrative approach to client-centered care. Our intention at Vega Vitality is to connect inner health with outer beauty because we appreciate the value in both.


We’re two women who took a chance with our medical backgrounds and used them to create a company like none other. As a nurse and doctor, our relationship began as mentor and mentee but after months of working side by side, a friendship formed, which inevitably lead to a partnership in our venture of VEGA Vitality.

Although neither of us had a business degree, with similar passions, philosophies and a genuine desire to help our patients, we found our minds insync, and thus took the step together to combine our mutual strengths of time and experience to develop our venture. We are overjoyed with the wellness center and medspa we have created, where we empower our clients to shine physically, emotionally and mentally.


At VEGA, we aim to teach vitality in all areas of your life. We want you to know your body and to understand how to properly care for it, so you can thrive in daily life and be your best self; inside and out. Whether it’s attending a yoga class, learning about nutrition, or undergoing a cosmetic treatment, we want you to feel comfortable at VEGA with our cross-reference staff on hand and at your service.

Pop up and say hi or stay awhile and lounge on the couch…we’re here to treat you.


At VEGA, we believe you have the answer to your future health concerns within you. Based on your past and present medical history, you will see we don’t group you as a statistic of Western medicine. Instead, we combine the efforts of Western medicine and Eastern philosophy, along with the best beauty and the best exercise, to get you the results you need to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Each nutrition plan, each exercise program and each beauty treatment is developed around your individual needs and designed to help you understand the importance of preventive medicine and vitality as a lifestyle.






  • "It was my first time getting Botox and she was very understanding of my nerves. She took the time to make sure I was comfortable and let me know that there was no pressure if I wasn't ready. She also wasn't up selling at all, and gave me an honest consultation. I ended up getting 12 units instead of 20."

    Alex A. | Connecticut
  • "I came and did a yoga class and it was the best I've ever felt after working out. I'm not the most flexible person in the world, but I didn't feel out of place at all. She was very good with adjustments and it felt like a real workout. And to top it off, the views of boston through their huge windows are a very cool backdrop to the class. I will definitely be back."

    Gino T. | Boston, MA
  • "Ashley was thoughtful and detailed with her approach to my Botox injections, while still keeping my look natural and youthful (which is exactly what I was going for). Post injections, she checked in frequent and I'm happy to say I'm very pleased with the results and would definitely recommend her in the future!"

    Amelia L. |Boston
  • "After getting a strong referral, I went to see Ashley for Botox a few weeks ago. She's not only polished and professional, but she instantly makes you feel at ease with her warm personality."

    Amelia L. |Boston
  • Juvederm with Ashley "I recently went to Ashley to have my lips injected. My experience was very pleasant and Ashley made sure I was content after each injection. I was very pleased with the results. I would definitely use Vega Vitality for future services."

    I. W. | Boston, MA
  • Ashley is the AMAZING!!! "Super personable and friendly, Ashley is just terrific....I wouldn't even think of going anywhere else!! I am so happy with the results I have seen. I highly recommend her for aesthetic services:)"

    Jessica S. | Boston, MA
  • Happy Customer "I've been a client for several years and I have always been happy with the results from Ashley. Not only are the results great but I always get a caring follow up and if I feel I need to make adjustments Ashley has always been accommodating. "

    M.D. | Boston, MA
  • "The ladies of Vega are beautiful and wonderful. As a gentleman who cares about his skin, I'm so grateful I was referred to Vega Vitality."

    Michael M. | Concord, MA
  • “I could not be happier with all of the services I’ve received at VEGA Vitality. My physical appearance is very important for my TV job & I don’t trust just anyone for even something as minor as a facial. I expect to return for many years to come!”

    N. C. | Boston, MA


“When it comes to injectables,
I will listen to your concerns,
explain available options,
and together we will develop
a treatment plan that meets
your individual needs. My
goal is to provide each client
with extraordinary service
and exceptional results”

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Esthetic Nurse

“My Internal Medicine skills
assist me every day in
providing each patient
with a well-crafted
therapeutic plan to achieve
the desired results”

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Integrative Medicine