Authentic Eating: A yogic approach to nutrition and weight management

Yoga means “union.” In this comprehensive workshop Sandy will share her unique, successful approach to healthful eating and weight management based on uniting mind & body. Sandy is a Registered Dietitian, holding a Masters degree in Nutrition, as well as being a yoga instructor.

With nearly 10 years experience as a dietitian, she has found that the most effective means of establishing positive habits draws heavily from yogic principles. Through a blend of discussion, experiential demonstrations, and thought provoking activities, you will come away with a clear framework for the many health-related choices we face each day. Sandy will guide you to a more authentic relationship to food & exercise that aligns with your life, instead of struggling against the grain. What if eating healthfully became a luxury of self-care — an act of nourishment and simplification, instead of control and complication? What if it were more easeful, and less effortful? We will specifically address mindful eating, hunger & satiety, practical tips, emotional/psychological aspects of eating, common barriers, how to make behavior-change actually happen, and the role of the gut. Come prepared for a positive shift.

*No yoga experience is required. This will be a lecture/discussion based workshop, no physical yoga is involved (your minds will flex, not bodies). Attendees are encouraged to dress comfortably. Mats, bolsters & blankets will be available for seating. Note-taking folks may like to bring a pen & paper.

Sunday January 15, 2017 1:30pm

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