Stepping up to the Social Media Plate

Spring cleaning has nothing on fall cuffing.

It’s a season to take things on and buckle in for the wild, unpredictable ride that is winter in the upcoming months. Kind of like the wild, unpredictable ride that has been getting VEGA Vitality off the ground in the past year. So much has changed since we first settled in at 551 Boylston and we are thrilled at how far we have come. We quickly went from measuring to settling in and building an incredible team of energetic individuals – chiropractors to acupuncturists to yoga instructors – so we can’t help but celebrate this season.

As a result, we’re turning over a new leaf with social media, hoping to show off what our team and space has achieved thus far. We’re very excited to introduce our specials and services, as well as our talented team to the world wide web. We hope you enjoy our stories, photos, lessons and daily updates on all things VEGA. Feel free to let us know what you like and don’t, we’re excited to interact and learn more about you too!

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