Authentic Eating: A Yogic Approach To Nutrition And Weight Management

Authentic Eating: A Yogic Approach To Nutrition And Weight Management
Sun, November 13, 2016 from 1:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Yoga means “union.” In this comprehensive workshop Sandy will share her unique, successful approach to healthful eating and weight management based on uniting mind & body. Sandy is a Registered Dietitian, holding a Masters degree in Nutrition, as well as being a yoga instructor. With nearly 10 years experience as a dietitian, she has found that the most effective means of establishing positive habits draws heavily from yogic principles. Through a blend of discussion, experiential demonstrations, and thought provoking activities, you will come away with a clear framework for the many health-related choices we face each day. Sandy will guide you to a more authentic relationship to food & exercise that aligns with your life, instead of struggling against the grain. What if eating healthfully became a luxury of self-care — an act of nourishment and simplification, instead of control and complication? What if it were more easeful, and less effortful? We will specifically address mindful eating, hunger & satiety, practical tips, emotional/psychological aspects of eating, common barriers, how to make behavior-change actually happen, and the role of the gut. Come prepared for a positive shift.

*No yoga experience is required* This will be a lecture/discussion based workshop, no physical yoga is involved (your minds will flex, not bodies). Attendees are encouraged to dress comfortably. Mats, bolsters & blankets will be available for seating. Note-taking folks may like to bring a pen & paper.

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