April 30th, 2015

Fresh off the heels of our first launch, I feel so incredibly grateful for VEGA Vitality.  When luck meets talent lots of good things conspire and dreams begin to manifest.

I’ve been rounding in the Critical Care Unit at MGH for a decade and have had many experiences providing patient care in difficult situations.  A long-term dream has been to provide wellness and hopefully stop disease in its tracks. I strongly believe in the intrinsic power of personal choice.  With some basic applicable knowledge in nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, we humans can actually properly care for this one mind and body we have.

Being a busy clinician with a big dream, I tried to start a wellness company three years ago, but actually couldn’t single handedly provide comprehensive services. I am not an expert in nutrition, any form of exercise or mindfulness. I never had one class in my traditional medical training on “wellness”. I learned everything about caring for our bodies through hospital staff, nurses and self-education. Treating disease was the focus of medical school training twenty odd years ago, not maintaining health. Now, as a busy clinician, I gravitate towards conferences geared towards health and wellness, and my bookshelves are filled with literature on living well.

Hence, its not surprising that when I met my partner Ashley and our team members Robyn, Lindsay, Ann Marie and Hanneke that VEGA Vitality just exploded like a brand new star. I am ever so grateful for these wonderful partnerships that have formed and our shared vision that we can #choosetoshine. Our Launch April 8th in Boston was simply a room filled with joy, friendships and love.  It was confirmation VEGA has a bright shiny future!

#Choosetoshine  #VEGAvitality  #Gratitude

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