Meet Your Practitioner, Esthetician Allie Tuminelli:

After going to school with the intention and interest of studying graphic design, Allie Tuminelli realized it wasn’t the path for her and chose to take time off before going back to school for esthetics. “I loved the idea of going to school and getting a degree but it wasn’t for me,” says Allie on her decision to go a different direction. Upon graduating, Allie began in Brookline in an intimate setting, working on skin treatments, spray tanning and waxing then moved to Newbury Street for 3.5 years where she got into lashes and built a clientele. “At that point, I figured why not go off on my own, it was nerve wracking but it’s been really good,” says Allie. So, she brought her own business to VEGA. Six months later and the self-proclaimed “workaholic” loves making clients more confident and working with them to achieve their best look. She’s energetic, high-spirited and exuberates a care for her clientele that is apparent through even passing her in the common areas. Meet the one and only, Allie Tuminelli.

How did you get involved with VEGA?

My client of a few years was in a similar situation in the workout industry. She told me I should talk with Ashley, so, I came over and she showed me the space, I didn’t have any idea what I was going into but we hit it off right away. We ended up knowing so many of the same people. She offered me a spot to rent and she’s been the best, she’s helped me a lot. The client who referred me goes to Alexis for skin, Ashley for botox, so, it’s perfect.

What triggered you to get into esthetics?

I always had an itch to do something, whether it be hair, skin, I just liked the beauty industry, but found I liked it more in the beauty and skin care. When I first started on Newbury Street, lashes was becoming the thing to do, so I got trained in that and took off.

What’s something you learned about the lash industry since you’ve began?

The most important thing is the relationship with the client because they are only going to come back if they feel comfortable with you. You could do the best work in the entire industry in Boston but unless you let them open up to you, you are flexible with them, I don’t think they will continue to be a regular client. I’ve had clients come to me consistently every two weeks for 4.5 years so that says something, I think. That’s what makes the business successful on a referral basis, instead of doing advertisement throughout the city.

Why do you see people come in for lash extensions?

Primarily, so they don’t have to wear makeup. I think our generation wants everything done so their day is easier. They get their makeup tattooed, they get their lashes done, they get blowouts; they don’t want to have to wake up in the morning and have to do anything, which is awesome that we can do this now. It also makes people feel better–one of my clients said in her entire life, she’s never gotten more compliments then since she’s got her lashes done. It just makes her appearance look that much different. If people feel better doing one thing, they’re going to keep doing it.

What’s something that not a lot of people know about you?

I’m actually a very good cook. I don’t even know how I learned to cook so well but everyone in our family is a good cook, all my siblings know how to cook.

What do you like to cook?

Everything and anything. Italian, chicken parm, stuffed zucchini, everything! I just whip things up when I have the time to cook.

Are you Italian?

Yes, half Italian. Half French-Canadian.

What’s something that you do for yourself on a day off?

I love to go to the gym. Spending time with my nephew, he’s four and my older sister’s son. I love to go shopping…that’s a consistent thing. Oritizia is my favorite store!

Since you’re close with your family, what’s a memory that sticks out for you growing up?

Probably our vacations with my 21 cousins. My mom’s side is huge so every summer we used to rent houses, whether it be in the Cape, Rhode Island, New Hampshire or Maine with all of my cousins. We were all really close and we still are. We have a family Christmas party every year but it’s transitioned from our Christmas party to their kids’ party now that a lot of them have children.

Describe VEGA’s space in five words:

Calm, relaxing, zen, beautiful, homey.

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