Meet Your Practitioner: Co-founder, Ashley Hilmes

If you’ve been into VEGA for a treatment or checked out VEGA online, you’ll most likely have seen Ashley Hilmes. And if you haven’t, correct that soon. About a year and a half ago, this registered nurse turned her passion of helping people into a flourishing business. At VEGA, she’s a behind-the-scenes doer, savvy business babe and botox, dermal filling Wonder Woman who encourages her clients and her staff to hone their inner beauty, in order to radiate outer beauty. You’ll usually see Ashley around the office in yoga gear, or jeans and a tee, as she’s all about comfort and making her clients feel relaxed. Never one to stop learning or pushing herself, Ashley continues to work as a nurse at MGH, is currently in graduate school to become a nurse practitioner and takes continuing education courses to keep her skills relevant and knowledge expansive. (All while also traveling as much as she can). So, web, meet Co-founder of VEGA Vitality, Ashley Hilmes:


How do you feel about VEGA now that it’s over a year and a half old?

I still love it so much. I love it everyday. It’s invigorating really. And to be able to bring this to people is so exciting. I think based on the careers that Steph [my Co-founder] and I chose and the other things that we do in our life — the volunteering and humanitarian work — this suits us so well.

It just feeds me so much to be able to bring health and happiness to people. It was great to be able to do that in the hospital and that’s something I love and defines me so much, but it’s so cool to also be able to do it in this way. That we can start a business and actually create something that we love so much and that’s also helping other people.

How did you come to create the community of VEGA practitioners?

We make a lot of choices based on how we feel about things or people’s vibes, if you will, or the energy that they’re putting out in the space around them. So, we’ve chosen the practitioners based on their talent but also based on their vibes, and that creates a really great space and a really great collective energy. People feel that immediately when they come in.

What’s a personal accomplishment that may mean more to you than someone looking over your medical background?

For me, I feel the best when I’m helping others. I find so much value in being a nurse. I also love to travel and I have been able to combine those two things to create some of my best experiences to date. I moved to Australia after college and worked as a nurse there, I’ve worked all across the US as a travel nurse and I’ve also done many international medical missions to Africa and Central America. This coming Sunday I head to Guatemala for a medical mission to fix cleft lips and palates. My younger sister, also a nurse, is also coming along. It is a total dream come true to get to share an experience like this with my sister. Also, I’ve been to almost 50 countries and counting.

What’s your favorite way to unwind after a stressful day?

I’m really a person that loves to mix things up, not so much a creature of habit. Sometimes I unwind with a glass of wine, sometimes a yoga class. Sometimes a phone call with my mom, sister or a girlfriend.

What’s your current lock screen background?

Currently it’s the VEGA logo and has been since we opened!  

Describe the VEGA space and atmosphere in five words

Chill, comfortable, informative, happy, helpful.

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