Razelle McCarrick

Orthopedic massage


About Razelle

Razelle McCarrick is a licensed and certified orthopedic massage therapist working in the field for 5 years. Having dealt with chronic pain and stress, she was empathetic to others pain and began trying to help friends in this way at a young age. Her peers pushed her to pursue massage therapy as a career and it was the one that felt most right. After coming to realize that armed with anatomical knowledge, she could enact healing more effectively, she went on to take Tom Karis’ Orthopedic Massage Certification Course Parts I&II. Ever since, Razelle has sought to fuse what are commonly perceived as oppositional elements of Eastern and Western modalities to create the perfect center point of healing. Working in the Back Bay for the last 3 years, she is experienced with chronic pain sufferers and athletes, particularly runners, marathoners & triathletes. After years of working for various studios in the area, Razelle started Satya Orthopedic, a private practice where her and her patients enjoy a peaceful space and relationship and her unique style and message has a forum to be communicated.