Meet Your Practitioner, Personal Stylist, Amy Hendren:

For anyone who’s ever cleaned out their wardrobe, only to throw out one item, or who’s overpacked for a trip, stuffing way too many shoes and sweaters in a bag, VEGA’s personal stylist, Amy Hendren is your go-to gal. What started as an interest in college, Amy was the one all her friends went to for honest outfit advice. “That’s when I first started playing around with it,” she says. From there, Amy worked in fashion in New York, San Francisco and Boston, styling for wardrobe photo shoots. Although she enjoyed the styling aspect, she was missing the interaction with clients. “I’m a people person!” Thus, Amy took a styling course in New York, only to realize this was her niche, and went on to study at the New York Institute of Art and Design. After building a book of clientele, Amy saw her business come into fruition and a spark of fate introduced her to VEGA’s co-founder, Ashley, providing her with a brick and mortar office and supportive ground. “Our boyfriends, her now husband, are friends and on my second date, my boyfriend was like, you have to meet her, you’d get along so well.” So, hang up your favorite pieces and get ready to edit the rest, with a style icon herself, Amy Hendren:

How did you get involved with VEGA?

Ashley and I were friends before I started working here. It really came down to good timing–she needed help at VEGA and I was really looking to take my business full time and to be able to focus on it. One thing about being an entrepreneur is it can be isolating at at times and I feel like I really needed a collaborative space and VEGA gave me that. I don’t know if it was luck or what, but VEGA had that energy and that support, because there’s so many amazing females entrepreneurs here so it worked out well.

What is one of the biggest questions people come to you with for personal styling?

I have a lot of clients who know what they want but don’t know how to get there. They know their sense of style, they have style icons, they know what they like, but they can’t put it all together. Also, they are people who are busy, like professionals and moms, so to get the wardrobe they want, they don’t necessarily have the time or energy to put into it and so I help them get there.

How do you do that?

Everything is completely customized. I have a range of services that completely depends on what the client’s needs are and we can put together a package that addresses those unique needs. Some people need closet edits, so we will go through what they have, get rid of what’s not serving them right now and make priority lists of where the holes are in their wardrobe. Personal shopping, either coming with me or I bring what I think is the best of the boutiques directly to your home. I also have been working in bridal styling, specializing in engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, bridal parties, honeymoon packing and anything to help make the bride’s wedding vision a reality.

How would you describe your style?

I love classics with a twist. I believe that less is more. I believe in quality foundations for your wardrobe and then weaving in more interesting, different pieces to that. I think that every woman should have the pieces that they wear everyday–like I have this necklace I wear almost everyday [dainty gold, diamond necklace]. Having foundation pieces in clothes, jewelry, accessories, it’s the same thing where you can then weave in something bold or special that will give an extra something to the certain look you’re going for. But you don’t want to be boring, that’s for sure.

Now that the weather is cooler, what’s a staple you wear in the winter?

Cozy sweaters for layering. Winter layering is the key to success!

Do you wear staple coats or do you believe in matching the coat to the outfit?

I feel like it all goes back to the foundations. I think you should have staple coats, especially living in New England, you should have a great, wool coat (camel is a beautiful neutral here), a puffer jacket because we need it against the winter elements and then more of a fashion jacket, so whatever that is for your personal taste; faux fur, a bright color – you can play around with it.

What’s your ideal day off?

I’m not very good at having a routine of what I like to do because it depends on what the weekend is. I love getting out of the city or if I’m in the city, just walking around, seeing what is new in shops, meeting up for brunch and finding time to catch up with friends and family. And in the summer, I just love the Cape and the beach.

Do you have a favorite boutique?

Viola Lovely, French and Italian, Intermix, & Cusp

Describe the VEGA space in five words:

Happy, professional, chill, positive energy.


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