Meet your practitioner, Cherise Morris:

Want lashes like you see in the commercials? You’re not going to get it from any mascara, but with a focus on eyelash extension and lash lifts, you CAN get it from VEGA’s Cherise Morris. “I bought every mascara I saw on TV until I read in the fine print and it said the model was wearing lash inserts,” says Cherise. Thinking it was a crazy business to get into, Cherise, “absolutely loves” it now, helping people embrace the beauty they already have and furthering it with an immediate confidence boost after only a couple hours in her chair. Cherise is a laid-back island girl, who grew up in St. Kitts, Nevis, before moving to Boston to attend UMass Amherst where she studied Africana Studies and Management. She applied the cultural lessons she learned and built-in business attitude to become an entrepreneur, or as she says, “mom-prenuer,” taking pride in being a single mother, who built a business from the ground up. Needless to say she’s one fierce and fun lady, and we’re proud to call her one of ours.

How did you get involved with VEGA?
I had a space to myself and it was great but I missed connecting with people. I still wanted to be my own boss, but also work in a collaborative environment, with like-minded people and that’s why I joined VEGA and it’s been awesome.

What’s one of your favorite things about VEGA?
The support. Everyone looks out for each other. If I’m running late with a client, I can tell someone, hey I’m running late, when my new client comes in can you help them fill this out. Also, it’s always nice to sample the services and give feedback, honest feedback, because everyone here is trying to grow their business and make each other better. So, everyone has each other’s back.

What’s something that sets you apart from the rest?
I try to embrace people as they are and also try to steer them away from looking like someone else–to just be themselves. Sometimes people come in and ask for Kim Kardashian’s lashes and I say, one, you’re not her and two, she has different, natural lashes to what you have, how about we do lashes for who you are, that make you feel good, make you feel better and that are actually healthy for your natural lashes. I’m all about people embracing who they are and being comfortable in their own skin. It’s always amazing when people come in sometimes and they have the world on their shoulders but they get up from getting their lashes done and they feel amazing, they literally sashay down the hallway because it’s an instant confidence boost– you looking and feeling amazing.

How do you determine the best lash for someone?
I work from experience and also the person. It depends on their lifestyle, their eye shape, their bone structure and their natural lashes. I can only go by what the natural lashes look like, so, if they have thinner, natural lashes, they won’t be able to get a super full look because there isn’t much to work with. I promise everyone that I will enhance them but the toughest part of my job is managing client expectations because sometimes what someone really wants, it’s not healthy for their lashes.

What’s something you’re really proud of?
I’m proud of being a divorced mom and being able to spend quality time with my child and also be an entrepreneur. It’s really hard to balance and I finally managed to find that homeostasis of ‘mom-preneurship’ so I’m really happy about that. I get to walk my daughter to school, take her to the playground but in business world, I mean business and it doesn’t affect the mommy-daughter relationship. It took awhile but I’m finally there.

What’s one of your favorite things to do with your daughter?
Just walking home from school because she’s so happy. Something that little makes her so happy.

What’s something you need to do to jumpstart your day?
I meditate and pray every morning when I get up. To embrace the fact that it’s going to be a long, crazy day, so take these minutes for yourself and then go to the gym. In general, I try to do stuff to keep my positive attitude– I love to laugh, I’m pretty laid-back person, I’m an island girl. My attitude is things could always be worse, we just need to find that one thing that always makes us happy and just take that not dwell on all the negative stuff. It could be your worst day ever but at least a truck didn’t run you over! Stuff can always be worse and I remind myself that.

Describe the VEGA space and atmosphere in five words:
Therapeutic, restorative, callaborative, spirited, tranquil.

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