Meet Your Practitioner, Alexis Robertson:

Alexis Robertson knows skin– how to diagnose it, treat it, heal it and make you glow. As a licensed esthetician, with over 18 years in the beauty industry, she understands the importance of skin care, yet, has a unique way of going about it. “I’m not a rep trained esthetician,” Alexis says. “I’m really about skin health and what you’re putting on your skin; that’s what sets me apart. I customize a treatment every time.” This custom care is part of ALXS SKN GYM™, where she gives your skin the workout routine it needs, from facials, to masks, to peels and injections; Alexis doesn’t see the problem, she sees the solution. Full of compassion and the definition of radiating inner and outer beauty, she’s paved her own path from small-town Nebraska to private practice at VEGA– reminding us all that skin is the largest organ in your body, so own it, take care of it and keep it healthy. Bringing this all to the table, or should we say, the chair, your skin won’t be able to thank you enough after a visit with Alexis, from consult to treatment, or even just a chat. Get to know Alexis more here:


How did you first find VEGA?

I was referred to Ashley and Dr Moore by a colleague of theirs at MGH, who had worked with me before with building their medical spa practice, so I was referred to them to actually be a business consultant for them. I actually met Ashley on April 1st and it was the anniversary of the day my grandmother passed – I mention that because she was very influential of me being compassionate and loving people and being a teacher and a mother – so, I met Ashley that day and it was like all these things that brought us together for this crazy meeting. 

What three products could you not live without?

Definitely the Intellishade, which is what I have on now, it’s tinted SPF, your daily moisturizer and it’s super anti-aging with a ton of antioxidants in it but it makes you look alive. DEJ face cream because it’s everything all in one and it’s super easy– I really like simplicity in my own skincare regimen, I don’t believe in 20 products. And, the other one would probably be my Anastasia brow powder.

What’s something you do to make yourself feel beautiful outside of skincare?

Spiritually, I think the most transformative thing that I’ve done, is to be able to learn to have compassion for myself and other people. I think in every moment and every day, it’s really important to slow down, especially your thoughts, and just have compassion for everyone. What I’ve learned is that, especially women, many of us are fighting something in our life that a lot of other people don’t know about. I think when you approach things with compassion and understanding, it makes you much more forgiving and loving, not only of yourself, but also of other people, and that makes life a lot easier. (And, it makes your skin look better when you’re happy!)

What’s some of the best feedback you’ve received?

Probably the most common thing I’ve heard, consistently, is people saying that they are comfortable not wearing make up now. Almost every time someone says that to me, I get a little teary eyed and I have many moments, even after a treatment, where I get emotional because I see how beautiful their skin looks, then I show them the mirror and they smile– that is why I come to work.

Favorite thing to do on a day off?

I’m very good with free time. Probably my three favorite things to do– I really love yoga. I really am falling in love with yoga. I could see myself becoming an instructor one day. It’s really changed my life. I do yoga privately once a week, with a woman from Japan, who’s also a Buddha, so it’s very special to me. (I met her here at VEGA, she was a former instructor). The other thing I love to do, is I love spending time with my kids. They’re 13 and 9-years-old and they’ve just become the most beautiful boys. I’ve always been around women my whole life and I feel so blessed that I was given two boys to be in charge of. I am divorced but I probably have one of the most perfect coparenting relationships you could ever ask for and a very supportive ex-husband, and that relationship is something I’m very proud of, having taken a lot of work to get there. It’s also something else I bring to the table, being human and as a woman, who works with other women, I have a lot of experience of being a mother, an ex-wife, a co-parent, a career women. I try not to wear that, but, embrace it. And then, I also just love being outside, except in the winter. I love walking, or riding my bike, or hiking, just being outside and feeling the sun (and wearing my sunblock while I do it!) and being in the water and traveling.

Describe the VEGA space and atmosphere in five words:

Sunshine, passion, energy, goodness, change.

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